Enjoying the Geopark

【Course 01】Mt. Mihara Crater Path 

【Course 02】Mt. Mihara and the Ura-Sabaku Desert Full Course

Summit Area: Trekking Course♪

【Course 01】Mt. Mihara Crater Path

Difficulty ★★☆
Average Time About 2h40min ※With a guide: 3.5 – 4 hours

See the lava flows that poured out from the crater as you climb Mt. Mihara. You can also see the crater itself, as well as neighboring volcanos in the distance such as the Izu Islands, Izu Peninsula, and Mt. Fuji. Feel the breath and warmth of the very earth itself.

Parking lot at the Mt. Mihara Summit Entrance START

Prepare drinking water!


Geopark Exhibition at the Mt. Mihara Summit Entrance 

Opening Hours: 9:30am – 3pm Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays

Check it out before hiking!


1Outer Rim Lookout

This lookout overlooks the caldera♪

  About 10 min

2Pahoehoe lava flows of 1777-78

Stripy lava?

  About 2 min

3Tip of the 1986 Lava Flow

If you climb the mountain, look up and image the eruption!

  Ascent About 30 min

If you turn around, you might be able to see Mt Fuji?

4Splashes of Magma

How Did This Happen?


Mihara Shrine

Visit to the shrine


5Path Around the Crater

Be careful in strong winds!

  5-7 About 50 min

6Mt. Mihara Summit Pit Crater

The fumes are rising!

  5-7 About 50 min

7Fissure-Eruption Craters

Magma escapes from this massive crater

  Go back the way you came About 35 min

Parking lot at the Mt. Mihara Summit Entrance GOAL

【Course02】Mt. Mihara and the Ura-Sabaku Desert Full Course

Difficulty ★★★
Average Time About 3h30min ※With a guide: 5 - 6 hours

This full-on course takes you on a walk around the Mt. Mihara summit, stopping by the Ura-Sabaku Desert, and ending at the Oshima Onsen Hotel. Apart from experiencing the Ura-Sabaku Desert, you can also see the strange lava flats formed by the 1986 fissure eruption and walk through the beautiful green Regeneration Forest. At the end of the trip, we recommend washing away your fatigue in the Oshima Onsen Hotel’s gorgeous outdoor hot spring.
Caution: The start and end of this course are different.
(A bus runs between both the start and finish location. Oshima Bus: TEL +81-4992-2-1822)

Parking lot at the Mt. Mihara Summit Entrance START

Prepare drinking water!


【Course 01】17

  Descent  About 25 min

Be careful, it's easy to fall here!

  8-11 About 40 min

8Ura-Sabaku Desert

Try lying down on the desert!


9Geo Rock-Garden

Let your imagination run wild


10Vegetation Regeneration Trail

Enjoy the changing scenery♪


11Outcrop at Onsen Hotel Parking Lot

A white volcanic ash layer?

Oshima Onsen Hotel Parking lot GOAL