Enjoying the Geopark

Driving Course

Bicycle + walking course

Coastline Area: Driving Courses ♪

【Course03】Courses to enjoy the South

Average Time About 2h30min ※Including stay time

You can drive from the south-east to the west of the island to see the various traces of the volcanic eruption, such as lava flows pouring into the sea, veins exposed on the sea cliffs, the crater which became a port, cinder cones sinking into the ground and black sandy beaches.

Motomachi Port START

  About 30 min

We'll go south at once first.

1Fudeshima Lookout

The morning sunshine is refreshing♪

  About 1 min

2Kakihara Beach

You can see dikes from here

  About 3 min

3Habu Port Lookout

If you have time walk down to the port too!

  About 5 min

4Toshiki Coast・Imasaki Sea Cliff

This pool is surrounded by a lava flow!

  About 8 min

5Sanohama Beach

A soft, black beach

  About 1 min

6The Great Road Cut

Each season brings a different view!

  About 15 min

Motomachi Port GOAL

Coastline Area: Bicycle + walking course♪

【Course04】Sunset Palm Line

Average Time About 1h ※Including stay time

The course is a leisurely bicycle ride along the northwest coast of the island, with views of the Izu Peninsula and Mount Fuji on the other side.
The blue of the sea and the black of the lava rocks are the backdrop for the seasonal coastal vegetation.

Motomachi Port START

Rent a bicycle!

  About 2 min

1Cape Nagane

Want to walk on lava?

  About 5 min

2Akappage (Red Hill)

Let's observe the Scoria!

  About 5 min

Buratto House (Agricultural Products Farm)

Take a break with a gelato♪

  About 3 min

3Nodahama Beach・Cape Chigasaki GOAL

Enjoy playing on the beach!