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In 1935, 8.5 towns (about 900m) of rails were laid from the southwestern part of the caldera rim toward Mabushi, and the "Mt. Mihara slider" was constructed, where visitors could ride a slider down the slope of the outer rim.

The area where the rails were laid is a slope formed by sandy pyroclastic flow deposits spreading outward from the caldera, and the slope is slower than the surrounding hard lava slopes. The plane was equipped with a braking system that allowed us to slow down and stop, and we were able to ski down to the terminus in about two minutes while looking out at the Pacific Ocean, the Izu Peninsula, and other islands of the Izu Islands below. It was also possible to climb the outer rim of the mountain in about 20 minutes using the pull-up line from the terminus to the caldera rim.

It became one of the most famous places in Mt. Mihara. However, the rails were forced to be donated due to the wartime metal recall order, and the airstrip was closed in 1942.

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