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It is a house site using the shade of a rock from the end of the early Jomon period to the beginning of the middle Jomon period. While Oshima has suffered a frequent ash fall due to eruptions of Mt. Mihara, the remains are now visible in such an island and therefore extremely precious.

The remains are located below the cliff facing the sea, and take advantage of the area under rock being about 7m wide at the opening and about 8m deep, with an opening facing the east. They extend across the area of about 40 squaremeters, and their elevation relative to the sea surface is about 10m. Since stones fell from above, many relics are believed to be under large rocks.

Jomon potteries and stone tools including stone arrowheads, stone axes and polishing stone in the end of the early Jomon period and the beginning of the middle Jomon period, were excavated through investigations conducted in 1957 by Board of Education of Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Giant stone at entrance

columnar joints

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