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Eruptions do not always happen only at the summit. In the 1986 eruption, fissure eruptions occurred within the northern caldera of Mt. Mihara on November 21. Several craters opened in a line about 1 km from southeast to northwest, and lava, volcanic bombs, scoria, and volcanic ash were violently spewed. The lava fountains reached a height of about 1,500 m.

These craters are numbered from the south side. The hole in front of us is the second crater (B2 Crater), volcanic bombs and scoria that were ejected during the fissure eruption have accumulated around the crater. In the caldera in the front, are distributed of lava flows from the B craters fissure eruptions.

Crater B seen from the north

B5 crater and later B craters have been filled with their own ejecta.

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