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In 1421, a major eruption at the summit caused a 4 km-long northwest-southeast fissure on the southern flank of the outer rim. Mt. Takenohira is one of the flank volcanoes created by the fissure eruption and is the largest (231m high, 140m specific height) "Scoria Cone" formed by this eruption. There used to be a crater on the summit with a diameter of about 150 m, but the north-eastern slopes, including the crater, were largely lost when the scoria was mined for building materials.

Due to the 4km long fissure eruption, the side volcanoes "O-ana" and "Ko-ana" are aligned to the north-west of Mt. Takenohira and "Imasaki" to the south-east. Lava flowed out from the northwestern and southeastern foot of the mountain.

North slope of Mt. Takenohira

Torii gate and shrine at the summit of the mountain

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