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At the top of the 40m high sea cliffs on the Toushiki Coast, there is a thick deposit of angular pebbles blown away by a magmatic phreatomagmatic explosion off Imasaki in 1421. The lava flow at the foot of the cliff is the result of an eruption thousands of years ago that reclaimed the southern tip of the island. The surface of the lava is undulating, and from a bird's-eye view of the cliffs you can see concentric arcs stretching out into the sea.

During a particularly explosive eruption, ejected rocks landed in a layer of volcanic ash, compressing the ash into hard craters. The ejected rocks and leftover imprints of the collision remain here, expressing the immense power of the eruption. From the shape of the imprints, it is estimated that the rocks were thrown from the eruption that formed the volcanic crater in Habu Port, a whopping 500m away. (The cliffs have been eroding and the rocks are collapsing.)

Arcing lava

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