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Fudeshima is the remnants of an extinct volcano that was active a few hundred thousand years ago. All that remains now is this outcropping which has been worn away by the action of waves and rain.

Resembling a writing brush standing upright in the sea, the outcropping is the solidified path along which magma once flowed in the central part of the old volcano’s crater. It’s as though the outcropping is ad tombstone marking the volcano’s grave. Thus, once no longer active, volcanoes such as Fudeshima are eventually worn away by waves and rain.

Left of Fudeshima are numerous rocks which look like ashen-colored boards stretching vertically up a steep cliff. These are called “Dykes”, magma that rose up from underground cracks and solidified in place. If such magma reached the surface without solidifying a fissure eruption would result.

Fudeshima and Dykes


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