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The shrine located on the western shore of the bay mouth of Habuminato is compared to the "Habuhime-no-mikoto" shrine listed in the Enki-shiki Shinmeicho (a list of shrines throughout Japan compiled in 927).

There are two approaches to the shrine, one from the north side of the city, turning off from the city road to the sea side, and the other from the east side, coming up from the sea. On the seaward approach, there is a landing place below the torii gate, and it is the official way to enter the temple grounds.

Habu Port was originally a crater lake and was called "Habu-no-Ike". Even after Habu Port was completed, people used to wash their hands and rinse their mouths with the water from the port, pick up pebbles and offer them in front of the shrine.

Approach to the pier side

Habu Port seen from the entrance to the shrine.

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