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At the end of the Heian period (794-1185), Minamoto-no-Tametomo was defeated in the Hogen War and was exiled to Izu Oshima Island. Near Okata Port, where Tametomo landed, there is a Hachiman Shrine dedicated to him.

Hachiman Shrine festival begins on the 6th day of the New Year, and the main festival is held on the Saturday and Sunday in mid-January, during which hand dances and "Teko-mai dance" are performed. "Teko-mai" is a dance performed by a pair of young men using a lever and a fan to the accompaniment of kiyari. It is said to have originated from the legend that Tametomo used leverage to remove large lava rocks when he built Hachiman Shrine and opened roads to promote village development.

"New Year Festival at Okada Hachiman Shrine" was designated as Tokyo Metropolitan Government designated Intangible Folk Cultural Property (Performing art) in 1958.

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