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Hajikama Shrine in Senzu district is compared to the "Hajikama Shrine" listed in the Enki Shiki Shinmeicho (a list of shrines throughout Japan compiled in 927).

According to the myth of the creation of the Izu Islands, "Mishima Dai Myojin Enki" ("Miyake Ki"), one of the empresses of Mishima Dai Myojin, "the Great Empress of Habu", is enshrined at the Habuminato Shrine, and her eldest son, Prince Taro, Ajikomikoto, is enshrined at the Omiya Shrine in Nomashi, and her second son, Prince Jiro, Haji, is enshrined at this Hajikama Shrine.

On the eastern outskirts of the precincts, there are two shrines at the base of a Tabunoki (Machilus thunbergii). These are enshrined in the legend of "Hiimi-sama," of Senzu. The remains of a large cedar stump here are said to be the remains of a wooden boat that 25 young men built to escape from the city.

Stone shrine and piles of stones

Shrine dedicated to "Hiimi-sama"

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