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This is a giant Oshima cherry tree, estimated to be 800 years old. Roughly 500 years ago in a large eruption, the area surrounding the Sakurakkabu Cherry Tree was covered with a huge lava flow. As the tree was growing on a slightly raised area, it was left untouched while the surrounding trees were destroyed. Thus, the lone Sakurakkabu Cherry Tree stood out on the landscape, and became a landmark to passing ships.

The Oshima cherry is characterized by the unfolding of its leaves almost simultaneously with flowering, and its pure white petals look great against the fresh greenery. The leaves are soft, large, hairless, and strongly fragrant, and are pickled in salt for food. The Someiyoshino cherry is a cross between the Oshima cherry and the Edo-Higan cherry.

The Oshima cherry blossoms that stain the mountains white


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