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On the northern rim of Izu Oshima is a series of hills (Cape Chigasaki, Cape Kazehayazaki, Cape Koguchisaki and Mt. Okubo), some 100m high, cut into the steep sea cliffs. The reason for this is that beneath this series of rise is another old volcano, Okata Volcano, which is separate from Izu Oshima Volcano. Okata Volcano is a volcanic island that was active hundreds of thousands of years ago. The later Izu Oshima volcano was connected to the remnants of Okata volcano to form a single island.

The coastline of Nodahama is filled with lava flows from the side volcanoes in the northwest. The lava flows continue into the sea and there are large lava arches on the Nodahama seabed. This variety of undulating lava formations is a good habitat for animals.

Cape Chigasaki and Cape Kazehayazaki

Southern Nodahama

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