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"Tenmon 21nen Shu Yakushikuyoho Kifuda" is a wooden tablet dedicated in the Yakushi-do hall of Yakushi Shrine in Motomachi. The tablet has the date of production, 1552.

In September 1552, Mt. Mihara had erupted. After the eruption, Shamon Soregashi visited the island from Izu Shimoda to pray for the eruption to calm down. The monk read ten thousand volumes of Heart Sutra, copied all scriptures of Lotus Sutra, and practices Yakushi Nyorai Kuyoho Ichi Hyakuza. It was on October 26 in 1552.

The tablet made of Japanese cedar plate. It has a height of 41.5 cm and a width of 12 cm and a thickness of 0.9 cm. The tablet is valuable as the oldest written material remaining in Oshima.

The statue of Yakushi Nyorai is enshrined as the main deity, but since a statue of Binzuru is enshrined in the hall, it is also commonly called "Obinzuru-sama." Yakushi Nyorai is said to help people with their illnesses and Obinzuru-sama is said to be especially effective for eye diseases, and on the 8th day of the New Year, believers come to pray for recovery from eye diseases.

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