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Omiya Shrine, located at the northern end of the Nomashi district, is compared to Ajiko Shrine, which is listed in the Enki Shiki Shinmeicho (a list of shrines throughout Japan compiled in 927).

It was once located in the mountains called Ajiko, south of Nomashi village. However, it is said that the shrine was moved to its present location in the Muromachi period (1336-1573) because it was difficult to maintain the shrine due to the damage caused by ash fall from repeated eruptions.

From the approach to the shrine, there is a cluster of giant Sudajii (Castanopsis sieboldii) and Inumaki (Podocarpus macrophyllus), Tabunoki (Machilus thunbergii), and in 1939, the shrine was designated as a Tokyo Metropolitan Government designated Natural Monument as the "Castanopsis Forest in Nomashi Omiyar Shrine", but was damaged by a typhoon in September 2019.

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